Hojicha Powder

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Your roasted sencha latte

In the marvellous expanses of Kyoto Prefecture, where time flows slowly and thoughts unfold like flowers at dawn, the leaves of Yabukita tea grow. When spring takes its right, the green leaves are harvested to create a unique flavour.

With great respect and care, farmers tend to each bush. When the time for harvesting comes, they carefully select the best leaves and roast them, transforming the harvest into the enchanting powder of Hojicha. Roasting not only gives the tea its distinctive caramel aroma and reddish-brown colour but also makes it almost completely caffeine-free. Hojicha latte, a drink similar to a coffee latte, is highly recommended to try before bedtime.

Fresh mint and tangy resin, powdered, sweet wood, sandalwood, and frankincense — such an unconventional taste experience awaits you after the first sip.

Making Hojicha Latte
  1. Sift 2g (2 chashaku scoops) of Hojicha tea into a bowl.
  2. Add 25ml of water at 80-90°C.
  3. Whisk the mixture with a bamboo whisk until it reaches a uniform consistency.
  4. Heat and froth 150ml of milk.
  5. Carefully add the frothed milk to the tea.
  6. Enjoy the perfect taste of your latte.

Uji, Kyoto Prefecture

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