The farms where seijaku is born

Deep within Japanese traditions and family values lies the secret of the perfect matcha cup.
Our journey begins in the heart of these stories — on family farms that, for decades, haven't just cultivated tea but have breathed life into it.

Kono Yumiko Farm

Here, tea culture is a family heirloom passed down through generations. Under the careful guidance of the tender Kono Yumiko and her relatives, this land has bestowed upon the world a unique tea heritage for over a century. Long ago, Grandfather Kono spent about 25 years on another farm to acquire necessary knowledge and experience. This gift, gathered with patience and tireless work, he passed down to his descendants as the most precious treasure. Today, as the world changes, the family has adapted their acquired wisdom, focusing on cultivating tencha — the foundation for your favorite matcha.

Daiki Oki Farm

Izumo — the land of gods and nature, where every drop of rain and ray of sunshine adds a special flavor to tea. Here, against the backdrop of picturesque mountain landscapes, the Oki family tenderly cares for each tea bush, adhering to centuries-old traditions. In spring, they harvest tencha, then letting it mature throughout the summer, serving on your table in autumn a pile of finely ground matcha with a deep and serene flavor. This is a true art that is preserved and passed down from one generation to another, ensuring unique quality and taste.

Both farms live by a similar philosophy: matcha is more than tea; it's a part of life that brings peace, joy, and harmony.