For our partners in tea

Partners in crime or partners in tea-life? We can be anyone for you.
An important direction of our team's work is the spread of Japanese tea culture in Ukraine. So, hey, cafe owners, restaurants, tea corners, or manufacturers, we are open to powerful cooperation and collaborations.

Building relationships with brands, we choose to move according to the Japanese principle of kaizen. It's the philosophy of continuous improvement. That is, our focus is on constantly improving every aspect of Matchati team's life so that our relationships bring maximum benefit to partners.

So what are we about? Definitely about canonical and unique varieties of teas from plantations, which are not for the sake of business, but for the sake of the cause of life. We consistently work with one family that has a farm with a history of over 150 years. Its current leader, Kono Yumiko, has already become a friend of Matchati. And she can become yours too.

If you have doubts or can't decide, fill out the form and order a tasting set.

P.S. We also engage in education. Helping teams become gurus of tea ceremonies is our second calling. We are waiting for calls, emails, and messages on Instagram Direct.

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