Bamboo chasen whisk

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Your bamboo chasen

For centuries, from generation to generation, Chinese masters have passed down a unique skill: the ability to create true art from a solid piece of bamboo.

With skilled hands, they carve out the bamboo whisk, known as a chaser, with a flawlessly polished base and over 100 thin and flexible strings.

The unique shape and elasticity of the materials allow for the preparation of a beverage with impeccable consistency and dense foam in mere yet absolutely captivating seconds. When every moment, from the touch to the whisk to the enjoyment of the perfect matcha, becomes conscious, it fills with energy and leaves a pleasant aftertaste of calm and satisfaction.

  • Before each whisking, immerse the dry whisk in water for several minutes.
  • The first time, soak the whisk in warm water for 10 minutes.
  • After use, rinse it well and place it on a special stand.

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