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Your delicate gyokuro

In the heart of a distant valley, sprawling along the banks of the mysterious Uji River in Kyoto Prefecture, where the morning mist gently embraces the green hills, grows the refined and enigmatic Gyokuro — one of the most precious Japanese teas.

Farmers carefully shield the leaves from the fervent rays of the sun and shade the greenery before harvesting.

Legends whisper that the gods themselves tend to these lands and send shade so that the leaves of Yabukita and Okumidori can absorb beneficial amino acids and a wealth of flavours.

When the time comes, Gyokuro unfolds with notes of pumpkin seeds, umami, nuts, and pistachios, culminating in this unforgettable experience with a subtle hint of salinity.

Preparation methods
Cold brew method:
  1. Add 3-5g of tea.
  2. Pour 500ml of cold water.
  3. Let it steep for up to 3 hours.
Hot brew method:
  1. Add 2g of tea.
  2. Pour 150ml of water at 80-90°C.
  3. Let it steep for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Drink slowly, savouring each sip.
  5. You can steep it multiple times. 🙂

Uji, Kyoto Prefecture

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