Omoide matcha

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Your about-fav-memories matcha

In the quiet valleys of Uji, where fog envelops every hill, the beautiful bushes of Yabukita, Okumidori, and Saemidori grow. When farmers yearn to return to their warmest memories, they await spring, gather the leaves, and prepare Matcha Omoide from them.

Omoide, meaning memories, brings forth a rich, nutty flavour. Enjoying matcha in the form of delicate usucha or thick koicha, you delve into the depths of the mind.

Omoide is not just tea; it is cultivated mastery, a ritual ceremony where each sip feels like a separate note in the symphony of taste. Immerse yourself in the magic of memories during each ceremony.

Preparing Thick Koicha Tea
  • Preheat your bowl with hot water.
  • Dry it thoroughly.
  • Sift 3-4 grams of matcha (4 chashaku scoops) through a sieve into the bowl.
  • Pour in 80°C water (30-40ml).
  • Stir the tea slowly and thoroughly until it reaches a uniform consistency. It doesn't need to be whisked like usucha.
  • Relax and enjoy each sip. 🙂

Uji, Kyoto Prefecture

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