Sencha Premium

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Your special sencha

On the island of Kyushu, in Kagoshima Prefecture, amidst green fields under the bright sun, tea bushes of the Yabukita and Saemidori cultivars thrive.

One day, enchanted by the greenery of Kyushu, the sun kissed the leaves of Yabukita and Saemidori, bestowing upon them a special gift for humans. That glorious kiss endowed the leaves with enchanting flavours of yellow plum and fresh apples, with darkened aromas of distant Italian herbs and green walnuts. Thus, Premium Sencha was born

Inspired by the spirit of the land, farmers pledged to preserve the secret of this flavour. A secret bestowed by nature.

They recommend preparing sencha as a cold brew — it doesn't require much tea, yet the flavour comes out soft and delicate.

Preparation methods
Preparation method for cold brew:
  1. Measure out 3-5g of tea.
  2. Pour 500ml of cold water over the tea.
  3. Let it steep for up to 3 hours.
Preparation method for hot brew:
  1. Measure out 2g of tea.
  2. Pour 150ml of water at 80-90°C over the tea.
  3. Let it steep for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Drink slowly, savouring each sip.
  5. You can steep it multiple times. 🙂

Kagoshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu

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